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be there. go to the forum. it's in the blue oval. o'reilly factor is next. good night from washington, d.c.. we'll see you tomorrow night. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight -- >> we're at war against al-qaeda. we will do whatever it takes to defeat them. >> the president gets tough on terrorism, but does he really mean it? courage ralph peters and laura ingram will analyze. get ready for immigration reform part 2. a new bill is in the air. lou dobbs has some thoughts. a harrowing lawsuit in texas, should 911 operators be trained to save children? >> he stopped breathing! what do i need to do? >> calm down. >> meghan kelly has been investigating. you are about to enter the no
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spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. president obama again addresses terrorism and that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo late this afternoon. president once again talked about the failure to stop the underwear bomber on christmas day. the address was supposed to contain sharp analysis, perhaps a firing or two. it did not. instead the president mostly repeated his opinion that the federal counterterrorism operation pretty much failed across the board, but no individuals will be held responsible. >> now at this stage in the review process, it appears that this incident was not the fault of a single individual or organization, but rather a systemic failure across organizations and agencies. >> can we have a moratorium on systemic failure, please?
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i don't want to hear it. do you want to hear it again? no one wants to hear that again. it may be true. we've heard it 5,000 times. all right. then the president we want on to state the obvious, that america is at war with al-qaeda. >> let's be clear about what this moment demands. we are at war. we're at war against al-qaeda, a far reaching network of violence and hatred that attacked us on 9-11, that killed nearly 3,000 innocent people, and that is plotting to strike us again. we will do whatever it takes to defeat them. >> okay, fine. another rallying cry to defeat al-qaeda. but haven't we seen the movie before? this is not a knock at president obama. but there was absolutely nothing new in this presentation today. america remains on the defensive in the war on terror. we're not taking the fight to the enemy, with the exception of the drone attacks directedly the c.i.a. the president, once again, went out of his way to state that
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most muslims do not support al-qaeda. i think we all know that by now and that the terrorists will be defeated by bringing the world together against them. after one year in office, mr. obama is not even close to doing that. and his policies on interrogations and trials for overseas terrorist, surely, surely have not made us safer. president obama does indeed want to protect us and does indeed want to destroy al-qaeda. the drone action proves it. but there is no question that his anti-terror policies are not nearly as tough as what president bush put into effect. that will be a challenge for president obama in the future. if we do get hit again, all the serious speeches in the world, all the rhetoric in the world is not going to help him. usa needs tough bold action to defeat al-qaeda. no spin. that's a memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction.
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joining us from washington, lieutenant colonel ralph peters and author of the book, the war after armageddon. colonel, will you promise me you will not say it was a systemic failure, please? i'm asking all the guests on "the factor" not to say that. my head is going to blow. am i missing -- making any high school stakes here in my analysis? >> no. actually you're dead on. you hit a key issue i wanted to bring up. we're playing defense, overwhelmingly. you can't win on defense. and bill, what has been our fundamental, initial reaction to the christmas bombing attempt? it has been to punish american domestic travelers. you can't connect the dots here. the president again said we're at war with al-qaeda. well, help me out. if we are at war, why are we trying these terrorists in civilian courts and treating
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them as common criminals? >> i don't know. if we're at war, why don't we go to northwestern pakistan and send in troops and kill the al-qaeda leadership? why don't we go there and kill the taliban leadership, if it's a war, don't you do that in a war? you find out where they are and you go in and kill them? i'm not calling for that because i know the unintended consequences of alienating pakistan would be enormous. but you're right. if it's a war, you wage war. you don't take shampoo from ladies at the airport and think you're winning. >> absolutely. and the fundamental problem here is the true asymmetry in this conflict is that our enemies are mean, very mean, agile, and above all, they are imaginative. bill, i'm gog have to disappoint you. there was a systemic failure, but not the one obama described. the systemic failure with
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intelligence is that it's a vast, hugely bloated plotting democracy that kills any imaginative -- >> bureaucracy. >> you said democracy. you meant bureaucracy. >> yes. bureaucracy. >> you can't protect a nation of 320 million people, all right. you just can't. they're going to get through the net. this one is discouraging because obviously there was information in play that wasn't acted upon. i don't want the president to fire some shmeel in the state department who may have known that this guy and didn't flag him. i don't think that's what we need to do, scapegoat people. i don't like that. but i want the president of the united states to stop the nonsense and it is nonsense if indeed we are in a war, as he just said, that you haul a guy off who just tried to blow a civilian airliner out of the sky and put him in jail in detroit. you hand him over to the military who does what it has to do to find out who the hell he
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is, how he got there, who helped him out and where they live. you know it and i know it and everybody watching this knows it, determine. but when is barak obama going to get it? >> probably when it's too late for many americans and other victims. you know, if you really look at what brennan and napolitano had to say at the three-page memo the president signed, the concrete recommendations are pretty basic. they're to buy more stuff. upgrade i.t. systems, buy more scanners. again, i go back to the fact, we don't need more stuff. we need better ideas and we need determination, determination to win. i have to disagree with you on one other thing. i do want heads to roll. but not some poor guy from the state department. but a leader is responsible for everything -- >> look. you know how it works, you were in the military your whole life. >> nothing changes if --
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>> obama's people in the counter intelligence agencies are taking their cue from him. they're taking their cue from him. it's not fair to fire them because the president has a world view that says we need cooperation to defeat al-qaeda. that would be swell if we could get cooperation from all the arab nations to defeat it. it ain't going to happen. it's not going to happen. all right? australia, france and other countries have recognized the danger have to band together and blow the hell out of these people. that's what has to happen. >> yes. you can't overworry about collateral damage. sorry to say. i want to talk about firings. you're talk -- i'm talking about the napolitano -- >> but they're taking their cue from him. janet napolitano never had an original thought in her life. she's doing exactly what he's telling her to do. you're going to fire her for that? >> bill, yes. i'd fire her.
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napolitano is so far out of her depth, you can not measure it. >> that may be true, go again, who appointed her there? >> i know who appointed her there. >> so you're going to fire her because she was appointed? come on. >> it's a nonsensical remark. unfortunately, we can't fire the president. it's a little complicated. napolitano is a problem on two levels, she's incompetent, but also, as you know, in this world we live in, image matters. she does not project the necessary image of strength to our enemy. >> does the president of the united states project the image of strength that we need? does he? >> no. >> all right. so you're going to whack napolitano. i'm not down with that. i'll leave napolitano alone. i want president obama to toughen up. that's what i want. >> to take out the target you can hit. yes, we all want obama to realize that this is a war. >> okay. colonel, thanks. we would like you to vote in our
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bill o'reilly poll which asks, do you support airport security the way it is right now? yes or no. next, laura ingram will weigh in on the president's remarks today. mrs. obama reentering the political arena. later, the singer beyonce reportedly accepts big money from the gadaffi family in libya. that's upcoming. if you have overactive bladder and you worry your pipes might leak (pipe doctor) ask your doctor about treating with vesicare. (pipe woman) then you could treat yourself to a night out with fewer urges
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weekend review, let's bring in laura from washington for her first appearance of the year. you've been listening to colonel peters and i and i saw president obama's supposedly shocking press conference which was anything but. >> oh, yeah. >> there is an interesting sound bite that we called from the president's remarks late this afternoon. roll the tape. >> instead of giving in to division, let's move forward with unity that defines us as a people now is not a time for
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partisanship. it's a time for citizenship. a time to come together and work together. >> he's basically saying that critics and i am on this level, i am a critic of president obama, i don't think he's tough enough. you're a persistent critic of him. should stow it because we've got to come together and defeat this common enemy. what say you? >> it's so weak. look, we had a situation where on christmas day, not only 300 lives could have been ended, but we could have thrown our economy also into a tail spin with airline industry, our standing in the world. this is incredibly serious matter. the fact that he comes out in this speech and says, we shouldn't be crouching here at home. we're going to live the life that we should live. we'll determine our own character, that's all well and good and i kind of like that part of the speech. but the fact of the matter is, he's not doing what he said he was doing in the speech. doing whatever it takes. he said, we'll do whatever it takes to win. >> what does he -- what is he not doing?
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>> number one thing he's not doing is identifying what the real threat is. he renamed the war on terror, overseas contingency operations, janet napolitano, remember, said she didn't like calling it the war on terror. she would prefer to call it man made disasters, which was disasterous for her to say that. then in a radio address on saturday, he said, this is a war against violence and hatred. now, first of all, what does that mean mean, war against violence and hatred? there is a lot of violence in our own country and a lot of hatred in our own country, but we're not at war with that. we're at war with a particular type of enemy that, frankly, is a goal oriented and that's to establish a global islamic area. >> he did say that we're at war with al-qaeda and we'll do whatever it takes to defeat al-qaeda. i don't believe that for a second. >> they're going to continue to send yemenis back to yemen. >> they're not going to do that
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anymore. >> they suspended it temporarily. >> they're kicking a lot of drones in there to kill these guys. >> that's bold. >> it is bold. >> unmanned drones is the least -- of course we should be sending unmanned drones. >> what else would you do, say you were presidential advisor? brennan and napolitano came out today and once again, my head is going to blow off because they don't really say anything. >> bill, we're not doing what it takes. what it takes is we've got to interrogate these people when we find them. as ralph peters said brilliantly, we have to destroy the met works that exist. obviously it's hard, it's complicated and a lot of the intelligence offices are doing amazing work and don't get credit when things go well. they only get blamed when things happen like almost happened on christmas day. but we have to be committed to -- >> but you want to invade
11:16 pm
pakistan? do you want him to send special forces into pakistan? >> no, i'm not talking about invading pakistan. what i'm saying is, when we have someone like this abdulmutallab in our custody, we don't give him taxpayer funded lawyers. we don't put him through a civil crime trial. >> i think the tide turned on that. the tide has turned on that in this country. i think this whole thing is going south fast and that's why president obama is on the air every day talking about the underwear guy. i don't want to see the underwear guy anymore upstairs, please. i would rather see miss laura. my last question is, i said yesterday to dick morris, one more terrorist attack, 'cause there had been three on obama's watch in the first year, one more on our soil, a major one where you get dead bodies, he's done. morris, i kind of convinced him, but it was back and forth. do you believe that? >> yeah. i mean, without a doubt.
11:17 pm
>> one more and you think president obama's administration pretty much collapses? >> yes. i don't want that to happen. >> no, nobody wants it to happen. i want to be quite clear, the propagandaists at nbc news, we don't want that to happen. you think it's the end if it happens? >> bill, he does not right now, project the type of seriousness that is needed for this war. >> he was sounding serious today. >> there were moments in that speech, i would agree with you. there were moments where i was cheering. >> i want to be very clear about this. what i want to talk about michelle obama, we'll do that next time because she's reentering politics. i want to be very, very clear about this. it's not the toughness that he projects in verbal. i just want to see him reverse some of these policies that i believe are putting us in danger ridiculous. >> up next, the new immigration
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bill. lou dobbs will be here. later, this harrowing 911 call is at the center of a federal lawsuit. >> what do i need to do? what do i need to do? >> meghan kelly has been investigating, coming up. anncr vo: with the new geico glovebox app... anncr vo: can get help with a flat tire... anncr vo: ...find a nearby tow truck or gas station... anncr vo: emergency services...
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immigration reform part 2, you may remember the mccain-kennedy immigration deal went down in flames in 2007 because there wasn't enough emphasis on stopping illegal immigration through the southern border. now we have the border fence and beefed up security and things improved. that opens the door for a new immigration bill which is already been drawn up in the house very quietly. lou dobbs is here.
11:21 pm
what do you want to see in the bill? >> i'd like to see in the bill, gutierrez put forward precisely what everyone would have expected. it's basically a list of what the open borders, amnesty at any cost crowd wants. that's understandable. that's fine. but what we really need goes back to june 28, 2007, as you suggested. that is to go to the amendment introduced by senator jim webb and that is a compromise send truss piece of legislation that will meet the demands of most of the people who are in this country illegally. >> let's get specific. let's run it down. you got people who broke civil law by coming in here. and hear here and they're established and they have children. you don't want to deport them, do you? >> absolutely not. >> you don't depart them for humanitarian reasons. you are rewarding them in a sense by not deporting them. but they're here, the children are here. okay. what do they have to do then to
11:22 pm
stay here and get papers to work? what do they have to do? >> i think the essence of the legislation in 2007 is right. pay a fine. learn english. >> right. >> commit to assimilation in the united states and begin a path to citizenship. >> anything else? >> absolutely. there should also be another program that permits whatever the percentage is. >> but for the people already here. they learn how to speak english, got to take a test. they pay some fine. okay. anything else? >> absolutely. i think there has to be a decision about how many people will be given citizenship. >> you give it to one and not the other, then you're into arbitrary -- >> that's what we don't want to be is arbitrary. 12 to 20 million people are here. that's a big number. >> right. >> but also, and this is one of the things we have to move front and center, is the question of how many people, how many of their family members will be coming to the united states.
11:23 pm
>> you know what? none. because you can't do that. once you start to say, well, we'll let you stay here, but you can bring over mom, dad and your cousins, no. it gets out of control. i'm sorry. maybe i'm being a hard guy on this. >> but what's funny is i'm accused of being the hard guy. >> you have to be realistic. they can come and visit and they can apply for legal see is as like -- visas like everybody else, but you can't guarantee they come here. that's crazy. >> i believe that you have to look at what is in prospect here. that is a demand for direct family member, brothers, sisters issue parents to be brought into this country. will there be three or two on average. >> i don't think we can guarantee anybody comes here. if these people are here, you work your way into citizenship, but you don't guarantee they can take anyone. one of the things president obama actually said and he was a tough guy on this in the campaign trail, whether he'll be tough now, we don't know. they got to go to the back of
11:24 pm
the line. which means citizenship will be five to ten years down the road. >> that's also depending on what we do intelligently here and that is first and foremost, we have to beef up the citizenship and immigration services agency itself. it's got to be tripled to deal with this. we bring in 3 million people a year into this country, immigrants. >> legally. >> we naturalize more than 1 million. we will be talking about a process in which we are going to be handling at least triple that in applications and processing. >> the obama people are good at setting up bureaucracies. they're good at expanding the government. i don't have any doubt they can probably do that. my last question is, you sound modest. as you said, i'm the tougher guy here. why do the hispanics come after you so hard? >> i think in part is my own stupidity. i put forward a statement, rationale, effective, humane policy, no matter what it is, immigration policy, but as a
11:25 pm
condition precedent, border security. the emphasis became in the debate and my nature, the issue of border security first and foremost versus reforming immigration policy. i'm saying the same thing, but i'm keeping it absolutely combined. >> so you're kinder and gentler? >> i'm a wiser lou dobbs. >> i didn't know that could be possible. >> only incrementally. >> happy new year, thanks for coming in here. plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves along. was it right for beyonce to perhaps accept as much as $2 million from the gadaffi family? then a new song about obama care. ♪ you vote obama care. ♪ we'll vote you out of there. ♪ we, the people, have awakened to your tricks. >> we hope you stay tuned for those reports.
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new study about spanking children and an interesting situation concerning the singer beyonce. over the christmas holiday, she performed in a private show reportedly paid for by gadaffi's son. the family has been link to do terrorism for years and the son is a reprobate. so should beyonce have accepted the engagement? gretchen carlson, all tan from hi caribbean january. and margaret hoover, also tan from her ohio christmas. >> all right. >> absolutely. hoover, beyonce, big bucks. mariah carey got a million last year for this gig. but the gadaffi family, they're a bunch of thugs. would you have taken the money? >> absolutely not. she doesn't read reportedly $2 million. >> maybe she gave it to charity.
11:29 pm
>> honestly, she should give it back. >> give it back? >> yeah. this guy is the son of a dictator who is directly implicated in the murders -- >> he's a bad guy himself. >> nasty violence. this guy directly implicated in the death of 243 innocent lives. here is what she should do. give the money back and go up to syracuse university and perform a free concert at syracuse because 35 of the 243 people on pan am 103 were syracuse university students. what do you say? >> i think if she gave the money to charity, we would have heard about it. i blame the media, because they did not cover this story. she got maybe a million to $2 million from a terrorist and the media does not cover it? >> you say no. >> i'm saying it's because the media likes her and jay-z so they didn't focus on it. >> she's a nice woman.
11:30 pm
i think she's okay. you would not have taken the money? >> i would not have taken the money. >> we're in accord that dealing with the gadaffi family is not a good thing. we don't take their money. >> i would not recommend it. >> all right. i'm glad the culture warriors agree with me. spanking children. new study out of a christian college in michigan says that little kids, not older kids, up to 12, if you spank them, not beat them, spank them, they come out better. >> amazingly, surprising study. here are the attributes apparently up to age 6. more successful at schools. more likely to work as volunteers and more positive about life. >> maybe that's because if they weren't, they get hit. >> but here is the thing. this study was going on in canada where they're trying to make spanking illegal, just like in europe. this is what's going to happen. >> you have two little kids. do you spank them?
11:31 pm
>> i would spank as a child occasionally. i do not spank my kids now, but occasionally i pat them. >> what do you say about the study? >> i think you can find a study to back up any point. >> that's a good point. >> there were three studies that came out in 2009 that said spanking is terrible for children. >> you can back up anything, like global warming. >> the methodology, all you have to do is -- >> i want to know what you hoover thing. you got little kids, some are rambunctious. >> i do not have little children. but if i did -- >> in general, would you be opposed to spanking them ever? >> i am going to try not to spank my children. >> do you think parents say i'm going to have kids so i can spank them? >> the point of the story is controlling what parents do in hair households, that we're going to make a law that what you do -- >> i'm with you on that.
11:32 pm
western europe and all these socialist countries are trying to dictate how you raise your child and that's wrong. i'm interested in the best way. i will tell you that i don't spank my kids. just my presence frightens them. so i don't have to do that. i don't want to do it and i wouldn't do it unless it was their safety was in question. so, for example, say little timmy won't stop running into the street and you timed him out and you've taken away timmy's panda, but he still is running in the street. then you got to whack him. er for his own safety. that's the only time. >> timmy is going to thank you for embarrassing him on television tomorrow. we all turned out okay. >> i certainly have not turned out okay. and if you read bold fresh, you know that. hoover, i'm not even going to comment. late today, jay leno will be leaving his 10:00 o'clock slot. the show has not been a success.
11:33 pm
i like mr. leno. i always enjoyed being on his program. it's an embarrassment for nbc. we're not big nbc fans here. now, my question, hoover, is do you care whether jay leno is on at 10:00 o'clock, 11:30 or not at all? >> absolutely. >> you do care about jay? >> yeah. it's interesting what's happening to broadcast media. what's happening is less and less people are watching because there is amazing diversity on cable. >> jay, do you care about that jay is there? it's an interesting media story, whether he's at 10:00 o'clock or 11:30. >> i think he's been the most fair and balanced comedian in the last year. >> i would agree with that. >> he actually has made jokes about president obama. >> he's not a malicious guy. >> i also feel like he may take over the slot for conan o'brien. >> do you care? 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon, and you care?
11:34 pm
you never watched conan o'brien in your life. >> occasionally i like to get a good laugh. he could walk in here and you would ask him to give you water. you don't know who he is. >> i actually do. i hope jay leno does not go away. >> i don't think he'll go away. but an embarrassment for nbc. as always, thank you. when we come back, peta uses michelle obama in an advertisement. all hell is breaking loose. also, parents tattooing their kids. what is the legality of that? the kelly file is next. you're the colon lady!
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thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the kill file segment, we lead with peta using first lady michelle obama in an advertisement. the ad praises her and other celebrities who do not wear fur. the problem is no permission was given for them to use the first lady's likeness and the white
11:37 pm
house is not happy. here now, attorney and fox news anchor meghan kelly. also the president, barak obama, was used in another ad for a coat. i want to throw that out there. he's wearing this coat in china. they took the picture and the weatherproof people put it up on a billboard. >> they were so excited because they thought they recognized their coat and said there it is. >> but the question is, can you take a famous person like president obama and his wife and use it to promote a product or a point of view? >> not properly. not legally. but the odds of president obama or michelle obama suing either of the groups who have just done this to them are slim and none. >> why? >> because it only calls more attention. >> that's okay. they should sue them, settle and give the money to charity. >> they're not going to do that. he doesn't want to waste his time. >> it's not his time. he has 50 council sitting there.
11:38 pm
>> don't you think they have better things to do? >> no, i think they should sue these people, settle, and give the money to charity. >> they're not going to get a big piece of money and they'd be better off taking the money that they would pay these lawyers and just -- >> they're paying lawyers already. >> they have other things they need to worry about than trying to take president obama's image down. they violate the law, probably. >> so if they use a picture of you, promoting whatever and you haven't given your permission. >> that's another story. >> you can sue their butt off. >> i'm a lawyer. >> so you can sue them and you would win. >> damn right. >> all right. so president and mrs. obama would win. >> they would win. >> good. all right. in georgia, we have loopy parents and there is no shortage of them. tattooing their children ages 7 to 16. >> ten to 17. >> they tattoo their children, these morons and what's happening to them? >> now they have been charged with cruelty to children,
11:39 pm
reckless conduct and tattooing. see the cross? that's all they did for five of them. one of them got it on his arm because they said the parents had them and they wanted the tattoos there. so now these parents are facing relatively serious criminal charges for tattooing their children, which is a violation of law. >> is it a violation in all states that you can't tattoo your children? >> i don't know. >> in georgia it is, obviously. >> i would assume so. you have to be over 18 before you can either be tattooed or consent to be tattooed. >> even if you have a note? i see a lot of these kids? >> it's not up to your parents. that's the whole point. it's not up to your parents. >> we're not even? a child in america cannot have a tattoo unless they're 18? >> certainly in georgia or whatever they have the same law, probably. >> do you think this is a fair prosecution or wasting their time? >> i think it's a fair prosecution to send the message. i think that they're right. that's the law.
11:40 pm
the citizens of georgia thought it should be that way and it is. >> the cross is fairly harmless. >> it is, but you and i think that. it's a ten-year-old. >> what if they convert to judaism some day? >> i agree. >> i don't like this who whole tattoo deal anyway. if you're an adult, that's up to you. it's freedom and fine. i have no problem with that. but on kids, i have a problem. >> even when it comes to pierced ears, you can let your ears close up if your parents do that. but a tattoo, it's tough. you have to go through serious laser. >> we don't even want to think about the nose piercings. viewer warning. this is hard to listen to, but it's a very interesting lawsuit. in texas, a woman called 911 because her little kid was strangling to death. roll the tape. >> my son choked. >> ma'am. >> he's pale! he's not breathing! what do i need to do?
11:41 pm
what do i need to do? >> calm down. i'll get medics enroute. >> he's not breathing! what do i need to do! do i do cpr? something. >> i need to you calm down so i can transfer you to east texas medical center. >> the little boy died. now it's a federal lawsuit. this is murphy, texas. give us the facts of the case. >> she wanted to learn how to do cpr, be told to do it. >> by the 911 dispatch tore tell her how to do cpr. >> they don't do that. so they were going to transfer him. >> how old was he? >> not even two. they were going to transfer her to the dispatch center, who i assume they believed would give her instructions and they did not give instructions. >> and he got caught in what? >> a soccer net, more than five inches between the next rope. and his head got stuck in it and he strangled. since then, there has been a
11:42 pm
nationwide recall on the soccer nets and the standards have been changed. >> why is it a federal lawsuit? >> because they claim he was deprived of his right to life, federal constitutional right, they claim, by the 911 operator. >> that seems to be a stretch to me. >> it is a stretch. >> it doesn't seem to be fair. 911 operators are not that well paid. okay? it would be nice if they knew cpr, but to tell somebody in a panicked state how to do that. >> do you know what happens if you tell them and they do it wrong and they sue. and there is a reason they afford broad immunity to 911 operators. >> and the operator was trying his best. you don't see this going anywhere? >> i don't. my heart breaks for the parents and maybe, maybe the tragedy of their son's death can save other little boys and girls out there now that attention has been called to how dangerous they were. >> the one thing that it does send, because we're doing this story, is that if you are parents, cpr is a good thing to know. >> absolutely right. you can take it. i just had a baby boy. we took infant cpr before he was
11:43 pm
born. it's easy. you don't have to get the official certification. you can go and sort of learn it as a lay person so that you have it. >> okay. more kids are at risk on school buses these days because wild behavior by other kids on the bus. how many times have we seen that. now they have to put cameras on the bus. however, there are cases where a bus driver puts the kids in danger. roll the tape. >> you passed the turn. >> what turn? >> the turn off this road! put on the brakes! >> stop screaming. >> you're not okay and i know it. turn it off. >> no. >> turn the bus off! >> all right. the bus driver was drunk. 56-year-old martha thompson, from upstate new york, there she is. she's intoxicated driving these kids around. and obviously the kids were terrified. >> yeah. you got to tip your hat to the
11:44 pm
kids. >> absolutely. >> they were paying attention and did the right thing. went and told her to stop. >> did she stop? >> she was yelling at the kids to stay on the us and they didn't listen. they did the emergency exit on the back. which is sort of every kid's dream. you're always looking at that and what would that be like? but these boys and girls got the heck off of that bus and now the parents are really upset. the prosecutor, really interesting way of handling it. i think it's brilliant. went to the parents of all the kids involved and said what would you like to see me do? what kind of punishment do you want for this bus driver? he threw out the most extreme and the least extreme and went with the majority in the middle, which amounted to 90 days in jail, but she is serving on the weekends. >> she's going to spend 24 days, the prosecutor called us a couple minutes ago. 24 days in jail, 12 weekends. i think that's too light. >> it's not light for a first dwi, which this was. >> a dwi on a school bus driving kids? >> let me tell you why he went for a little less.
11:45 pm
because the parents wanted her to be on probation. she's on rocks for five years so they can oversee her. >> any more problems? >> she's fired from the bus job. she had her license revoked entirely, which is way more than normal. they at least doubled the normal. >> let her get a skateboard. >> i'm not defending her. >> i would have given her more time. the message sent, you can't put kids in danger. meghan kelly, everybody. in a moment, a clever song about obama care that you are definitely going to want to hear. later, mike tyson goes crazy in an airport. wait 'til you see what happened and then what the authorities did about it. moments away.
11:46 pm
11:47 pm
reality check where we scan
11:48 pm
the globe for situations that need clarifying. check one, remember ray stevens, he writes song parodies and had a few big hits like ahab the arab. mr. steven social security now 70 years old. still feisty and a song about obama care on the net has received more than 1 million views. roll the tape. ♪ hey congress, you vote obama care. ♪ we'll vote you out of there. ♪ we, the people, have awakened to your tricks. ♪ you vote this, you'll be out on your (bleep). ♪ beck and limbaugh, what you got in mind for grandma. ♪ we found this o'reilley fellow on fox. ♪ we're kind of like joe the plumber. ♪ and when we crunch the
11:49 pm
numbers. ♪ it all adds up to wanting you out at the ballot box ♪ >> you can hear the entire song on the web site, ray >> check two, study shows conservatives outnumber moderates in america. 40% of americans now describe themselves as conservatives. 36% say they're moderate. 21 embrace the liberal philosophy. the conservative crew is up three points in a year. moderates and liberals down a point. the reason for this check believes, is government spending and liberal policies toward captured terrorists. those issues angered many americans americans and driving sentiment toward the right. the numbers demonstrate the weakness of the far left, although they are very loud and sometimes threatening, they are not a big voting bloc and the obama administration should file that because in the upcoming election, moderate right candidate also have an advantage. check three, on the year end edition of the group, the panel was asked to rate the most
11:50 pm
overrated things of the year. >> okay. the most overrated, global warming. >> charlie chris who turns out was mostly an absentee governor. >> geithner's supposed boy genius had to be treasury secretary. >> the leaders of most of our major financial institutions in this country. >> the most overrated is freedom. when faced with economic uncertainty, people don't want freedom. when they can't see their economic future, they want the nanny state. >> some want the nanny state. most are wising up to the down side of big government calling the shots. so check disagrees. freedom is not overrated. it is now driving dissent in america. it's what the tea party movement is all about. and the freedom issue will be a major one next november in the crucial elections. wait and see. check 4, as you may know, commentator rush limbaugh was hospitalized in hawaii over the christmas holiday. >> rush limbaugh is okay after being released from a hawaiianan
11:51 pm
hospital. >> back on the air, saying he's fine. check 5, how about a burger with those fries? in kansas city, missouri, a woman went berserk after buying a burger she didn't like. mcdonald's people offered her another burger, but she went nuts anyway. causing $1,700 worth of damage. now, nobody was hurt. cops are still looking for the woman. keep your eyes out at those drive through windows. look for a lady who is obviously not loving it. check 6, one of the last places on earth where political correctness has not taken hold is australia. >> in a pickle, in an awkward situation. >> the kfc people say they meant no harm with the fried chicken bit.
11:52 pm
that it was light hearted. you can decide about that. there is no way that spot would ever run in the usa. no way. that is reality check. tonight starring mike tyson, getting tough at the airport. and vampires in california. how can we stop them? right back in a minute. ç
11:53 pm
11:54 pm
time for pinheads and patriots. in california, they have garlic plants all over the place. the city puts garlic alongside roads. some object saying, hey, that doesn't smell very good. you know what i mean? here is councilman jim ramsey's explanation. >> since we have had garlic, i haven't seen one single solitary vampire in town. >> these plants protect you? >> these plants are protecting the city. if we take them out, we may have vampires in here again. >> for protecting his town against vampires, some might call him a patriot.
11:55 pm
he might also be called a loan. the next time someone objects to a cross on public property, let's use the vampire excuse. on the pinhead front. look at this confrontation between mike tyson and paparrazzi who is bothering him at the los angeles airport. >> can't come through here. >> authorities have not filed charges against tyson. but he may be a pinhead. however, you would be wise not to mention that to him. finally tonight, we will have a big announcement about the beck-o'reilley bold fresh tour. you can stock up on bold fresh tour gear which is going fast. this is our fine shipment. all the proceeds i get from bill
11:56 pm
o', where this gear is sold, go to charity. in oakland, maryland, i find the issue of security from the terrorists interesting. while the white house can't even stop uninvited guests from walking through the door, that's a good point. barbara, from california, great point about obama killing terrorists with drones. no civil rights in play there. val in i'm sorry, bill, your question as to why the president is killing terrorists with drones while supplying them with rights is a good one. it will define barak obama for me. in indiana, you are wrong that another terrorist attack will crush the obama administration. you underestimate the president's allies, the media will blame bush for something. but you underestimate the fury of the american people, larry. no dopey spin will stop that fury if we were attacked again by al-qaeda. value, ridgewood, new jersey. like mark hill, i am a professor
11:57 pm
at columbia university and he's wrong to support trying terrorists in court. i would drop drones on them. president obama expressed outrage, but it was over the failure of our security system rather than the al-qaedas who planned the attack. i would like to see more outward emotion from the president, but i do not believe, i do not believe he is apathetic toward the enemy. his drone policy is very aggressive. we're fighting hard in afghanistan as well. what you are seeing is a style issue. sometimes cool is good. sometimes heat is good. when it comes to defining terror killers, i'm going with heat. michael williams, new hampshire. while i agree with you that al-qaeda is playing small ball, i believe that is because the tough bush-cheney policies downgraded them. absolutely, michael. steve in chicago. mariah carey appearing drunk in an awards show classifies her as
11:58 pm
a blotter. what would sister larana have said? the good sister stars in my book, bold fresh, for those of you who don't know, steve obviously has read the book. i believe mariah might have tasted a ruler on the back of the hand if she showed up intoxicated in the classroom. and she also would have gone to hell. chris in san diego, come on, bill. you have to admit there is something cool about a drunk, mariah carey. i will not admit that, sir. i think she's very talented and defines herself much better when she is clear headed rather than pinheaded. diane, south dakota,ism listens to the cd of bold fresh. the problem is, i stay in my car to hear it and it's 30 below. you know what? you need to read al gore's book on global warming.
11:59 pm
and katy smith from maine. i watch "the factor" with my sister and parents every night. i am 15 and i am staying up late reading bold fresh. not too late, katy. you have to be alert in high school these days. no question about that. our web site fox'reilley. post it on the fox news factor web site. different from bill o' also please e-mail us with pithy comments from my where in the world. name and town, name and town, if you wish to opine. when writing in, here is the word of the day. that is not good. that is it for us today. "the factor." check out premium membership. we have the no spin news for p.m.s. every day those are stories we don't get to cover on "the factor." we

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